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True wireless ANC earbuds means no wires,anywhere,ever, when you are working,working out or talking calls,An affordable solution with luxe, modern style, TWS ANC extends your listening experience with a 5-hour battery life (Bluetooth® only, up to 6-hour battery life with Bluetooth® and ANC), plus up to 28 hours of undisrupted playtime with the case. Dynamic 10 mm drivers offer a great combination of sound quality and affordability. Its elongated shape provides a snug, comfortable fit with your choice of 4 soft, anti-slip ear gels, so nothing gets between you and the wireless sound of TWS ANC.

All our tws wireless bluetooth earbuds series are custom & wholesale, The appearance & structure &logo can be designed according to your requirements, Our designer will also consider according to the practical application and provide you the best & professional advice.

We’re professional wholesale top wireless bluetooth earbuds producer and anc earbuds manufacturers and suppliers in China. Specialized in providing high-quality customized products. We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk high-grade anc tws earbuds for sale here from our factory. For quotation, contact us now.

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China's Choice For Custom Tws Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Get custom tws wireless bluetooth earbuds at wholesale prices from Wellypaudio! You can customize not only the box shape, but design and color as well. No matter what design you choose, our professional earbuds design team will make it for you. You can craft custom made them quickly, and pick the manufacturing logo, packing and select other services that we provide to our clients. If you need help related to design, we can also help you with this FREE of cost.

Product Features

Compact Case:  use earplugs/semi-in-ear with small and portable, TWS ANC easily slides into your pocket or bag.

Functional performance:4 microphones, double-mark ENC, LED four-light power display, Hall power on, automatic power-on pairing, regardless of master and slave, touch control, good pairing, good stability, good sound quality.

Operation and use:  Short press Siri voice assistant function for two seconds, click pause/play, double click left to increase volume and right decrease volume, pairing default double click right, triple click left previous song and right next song, five clicks for low latency, answer/hang up Double-click the left/right ear, reject the short press on the left/right ear for two seconds.

Superb Noise Cancellation: ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) uses technology to identify background noise and generates counter frequencies that cancel out the noise.

Listen Longer: Up to 7 Hours of playtime with Bluetooth® only, Up to 5 Hours of playtime with Bluetooth® & ANC. 28+ hours with the case.

Product Specification:

Model: WEP-Y37
Brand: Wellyp
Material: ABS
Effective straight-line distance: 10 meters



polymer lithium battery earphone 35mah, polymer lithium battery charging compartment 200mah

Playing time:

single ear: 4-5H; pair ear: 4-5H

Standby time: 100H for one ear, 60H for opposite ear
Fully charged time: 

about 1 hour for earphones, about 2 hours for charging compartment


white, black,customize supported.



Are you a manufactuer or a trading company?

We are a manufacturer in China. And we are China TWS earbuds factory.

What about the lead time for mass production?

25-30 working days.

What's your payment term?

30% deposit before pass production,70% balance payment before shipment.

What's the MOQ for your production?


How long is the warranty period?

12 months.

How long can I expect to get the sample?

Normally 3-5 days.

We're professional ANC TWS earphone manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality customized products. We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk high-grade ANC TWS earphone for sale here from our factory. For quotation, contact us now.

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    How should noise cancelling wireless earbuds sound?

    Noise canceling earbuds shouldn’t necessarily sound a certain way, but you’ll see commonalities between how the most popular headsets sound. Why? A majority of consumers prefer a sound profile with boosted bass and treble relative to the mids. Seeing how all of the earbuds we recommend here are marketed toward the general consumer, you’ll find a similar frequency response among these headsets.

    This headset very closely follows our target consumer curve,and it remains tasteful. Perhaps you’re in the minority who really likes bass, or have an aversion to it, in that case, you may need to EQ the sound.

    Are noise cancelling earbuds actually good?

    Yes, noise cancelling earbuds can be quite good and effective, but one constant we’ve found among ANC wireless earphones is that the ANC performance is inconsistent. Active noise cancelling works best against loud, droning sounds that don’t have a lot of changes to them over time. You’ll find that people talking near you still come through, but computer fans, office noise, and engine sounds get muted out.

    Because wireless earbuds generally don’t have the space to cram in the hardware necessary to cancel out a ton of noise, it’s a miracle they’re able to work at all. Major props to any company that can get an ANC unit working reasonably well in this form factor! Bear in mind, that you also need to get a proper fit with your earbuds in order to get the best isolation. Good isolation yields the best possible ANC because it means there’s a physical barrier between your ear canals and the outside world.

    Active noise canceling is extremely important to listeners because it not only allows you to listen at a lower volume, but it also improves the perceived quality of your music. That said, you may find that the difference between having ANC on and off isn’t really all that big, and in fact, you may want to turn the feature off sometimes to squeak out some extra battery life. While you only get on average 20-40 minutes more, it could help out in a pinch.

    Battery life isn’t great, so get used to it

    Because wireless earphones can only fit so much battery into a teeny-tiny housing, they’re unsurprisingly terrible at the whole “not needing to recharge” thing. That’s why most wireless earphones stash a bigger battery in their carrying case to recharge the individual buds when you’re not using them. This way, they appear to have much better battery life than they actually do. If you’re on a long commute, however, you’ll notice that your buds drain faster than they ought to.

    Thankfully, battery life tends to last more than the average four hours required by most people to get to and from work without a recharge. Well, that would be true if the nature of wireless earphones didn’t put immense wear on the tiny cells they have.

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