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Enhance the impact of your brand with wholesale personalized earbuds from the best custom headset wholesale factory. To get the most optimal returns for your marketing campaign investments, you need functional branded products that offer ongoing promotional appeal while being useful to clients in their everyday lives. Wellyp is a top-rated custom earbuds supplier which can provide a variety of options when it comes to finding the perfect custom headsets to fit the needs of both your customer and your business.

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Private Label Custom Gaming TWS earbuds Wireless Earphone with ANC and ENC Noise Cancelling. Smart Bluetooth is widely compatible, long transmission distance, strong signal concentration.

Professional Manufacturer Custom Headphones with deep and high quality support OEM & ODM. Fast Delivery and Low MOQ.

Our OEM/ODM Advantages

Wellyp is a professional manufacturer and exporter of TWS earbuds, gaming earsets and ANC headphones since 2004. Located in Huizhou city, neighbouring to Hongkong and Shenzhen, a manufacturing region with unparalleled supportive supplychain in electronic industry, we carry out tasks more effectively than those in other parts of China.

First, Wellyp salesteam responses efficiently to your enquiry from the very beginning. With 15+ business years our staff are much experienced in understanding and satisfying customers’ demands, we share the know-how knowledge in how to develop a real earphone that a client loves ideally. In particular, we have been successfully creating various customised brands and ideas with exclusive earphone models over the past 10 years, which has enabled us to understand our potential customers in a profound way.

Secondly, our moulding workshop and assembling factory ensure us better control of moulding accuracy and workmanship. Our engineers edit the virtual parts of earphone templates with 3D Max. Following the layout approval, one of our EDM spark machines for tools, CNC machines, injection moulding machines are ready to create prototypes with real functions as preproduction samples to follow in mass production.

Coming to the next , we send prototype samples to our contracted printing factory to undertake customised color spray and brand/slogan printing. Different printing applies to the different printing processes, or is subject to customers’ demands----namely itching( laser engraving), pad printing, silk-screen printing, offset printing, or UV printing optional.

Last but not least, regulated quality inspection and battery/electronics aging-test must be desperately made before packing and shipment. Each piece of the order you receive must have met criteria of certifications executed in your markets.

RF testing

RF Testing

curve test

Curve Test

welding the battery

Welding the Battery

testing the circuit board

Testing the Circuit Board

aging test

Aging Test



How does Wellyp realize your idea/programme into earphones?

Phase 1: Before prototype

This screen-shot email might be an example of your inquiry. To receive our response more efficiently you are suggested to include as detailed as possible the enquired product name, expected functions, 2D/3D drawings/sketches with technical data, and sample pictures if available. We are immediately reachable through emails, phones, Whatsapps, Wechats, or Skypes.