Are TWS earbuds good for gaming?

When we are playing the game, most people will choose the one headset which can play gaming smoothly. But the question is how to choose the best headset or earbuds? Wired or TWS?So, are earbuds good for gaming?

The truly wireless earbuds or TWS category has seen a sudden influx with multiple companies launching their TWS products almost every day. With this, the TWS is now considered the future of portable audio products. The wireless earbuds or TWS earphones are highly portable and they provide good sound quality, which sure seems to be comparable with the traditional wired headsets. However,in usual scenarios, one might think that wireless earbuds are a better option than standard wired headsets. But, some argue that it is still not perfect for gaming needs. That said, we have seen multiple companies that have brought wireless earbuds with dedicated gaming features. The question here is, should gamers consider buying the TWS earphones? Let’s try and argue.