How to Wholesale Earbuds from China

Do you want to import earbuds from China?

With many years of experience dealing in electronic products, I can gladly say that wholesale headphones are a good choice from the electronics category, especially, wireless Bluetooth headphones. In China, there are various earphone wholesale suppliers and earphone manufacturers with all kinds of cheap headphones &earbuds.

Since I have a lot of know-how in this area, I’d like to share with you some knowledge about wholesale headphones from China.Actually, you can easily learn about it from the following points:

1. Different Types of Headphones That You Can Choose

In China, headphones are offered in different designs, but they fall into three major categories. These are:Over-ear,In-ear,Earbuds.

Different types of headsets in China come with different features and are specifically made for a particular group of people. If you’re able to understand the different features being provided, then you will easily find the best Chinese headphones for your target customers.
And if you’re wondering what type of headphones to get for your beloved customers, then keep on reading…


Typically, Over-ear headphones have thick headbands and large ear cups that fully encompass the ears. They are the most comfortable. But some are usually more compact and have smaller ear cups that rest on the ears with a lesser bass.

The earphones are more suitable for listeners who want a more comfortable fit,but don’t mind the large headphone design. Artists and Singers normally love this type of earphones.


These headphones are usually ultra-portable with small earbud tips, which are inserted into the ear canal.They are more suitable for listeners who want an ultra-portable headphone design and are comfortable with the in-ear fit.


Earbuds are small,ultra-portable headphones with earbud tips, which rest at the edge of the ear canal.
These are more appealing to listeners who want an ultra-portable headphone design but find an in-ear design to be uncomfortable. They are also the most common earphones and normally come with new mobile phones.


Here are the different classifications by function:




In many cases, earphone manufacturers normally divide the headphones into two categories. These are ordinary headphones and headphones with microphones.

In today’s world, a good number of headsets are normally used as accessories for mobile phones or computers. And also, they usually have a call function. That is why it is important for the headset to have a microphone so that the user can receive a phone call with it.

Before acquiring the headphones from the supplier(s), you should find out if they have a microphone in the wholesale headphone or not.

From my past personal experience, people normally prefer buying headphones with a microphone, instead of buying ordinary headphones without a microphone.

In addition, I’ve also discovered that people love a very cool Bluetooth earphones like sport headset tws with a charging box.

The earphone features a Bluetooth headset and a charging box. When you open the charging box, you will see the Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth headset is almost the same as the Air Pods, divided into the left and right sides. It also has wireless connectivity.

When you come across this Bluetooth earbud, the first thing that runs through your mind is the “Air Pods”.This is because of the similarities that they share. But of course, they are not Air Pods because they don’t have Apple’s logo on them.

If you think that the various types of headphones that we have discussed above are cool, then you can give them a try and start your wholesale earphone-importing business from China.