Are TWS earbuds waterproof?

In the earbuds audio market, everything is getting upgraded every day. When we use our tws earbuds,most people will think about the one question if our tws earbuds waterproof? Can we wear them for swimming? showering? Or sweat when sports.

Imagine listening to music in a shower, on your boating trip, or anywhere else with water without worry. You have fully waterproof Bluetooth headphones that don’t mind water and play your favorite tunes even in “electronics-killing” environments. Unfortunately, electronics and water don’t walk hand in hand. Most headphones aren’t waterproof and die if they get wet. The amount of AirPods that were ruined because of it could be counted in the millions. Thankfully, Wellyp as one top tws true wireless earbuds supplier caught wind of it and started making more durable headphones.
Below you’ll find the best waterproof wireless earbuds from reputable brands that are fully protected against water, so you can submerge them.

What Makes Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Waterproof?

Waterproof earbuds use a hydrophobic coating to protect against water.There are different kinds from different brands (like Liquipel,NanoProof,nano care,etc),though they generally do the same job.

Look for IPX rating.

The higher number the better.It ranges from 1 to 9.The lower protection is only good for sweat,while higher ones gradually become fully waterproof.

Waterproof VS.Water-Resistant –What’s the Difference?

Waterproof earbuds have different levels of water resistance.

We consider IPX6 as the minimum.You can take IPX6 headphones in a shower,wash them under the tap and they should survive an accidental short submersion as well.

The next level,IPX7 earphones,can survive submersion for thirty minutes at 1 meter deep (3ft /1m).Other models with a higher IPX are even more durable.

General ranges:

    IPX1 –IPX3 =water-resistant /sweatproof

    IPX4 –IPX5 =water-repellent

    IPX6 –IPX9 =waterproof

    See further explanation of IPX rating below.

    IPX0 means no ingress or even moisture protection of enclosures

    IPX1 means minimum protection from dripping water (equals to rainfall of 1mm/minute)

    IPX2 means ingress protection from vertically dripping water (equals to rainfall of 3m/minute)

    IPX3 means ingress protection from sprayed water (5-minute spray of low-pressure water jets from 50 to 150 kilopascals)

    IPX4 means ingress protection from water splashes (10-minute spray of low-pressure jets of water from 50 to 150 kilopascals)

    IPX5 means ingress protection from water projected from a spray nozzle (15-minute jet of water from a distance of 3 meters,at a pressure of 30 kilopascals)

    IPX6 means ingress protection from strong pressure water jets (3-minute jet of water from a distance of 3 meters,at a pressure of 100 kilopascals)

    IPX7 means ingress protection from continuous immersion in water up to 3ft (1m)for 30 minutes

    IPX8 means better than IPX7,usually deeper depth or time in water (submersion that’s at least 1 to 3 meters deep,for the unspecified duration)

    IPX9K means ingress protection against the water spray of hot water (using a high-pressure spray nozzle,at the temperature of 80°C or 176°F)

What’s the Minimum Water Resistance If I Want to Shower with my Headphones?

IPX5 is the absolute minimum liquid ingress protection rating you should look for.What does IPX5 waterproof mean?It means the headphones are protected from a jet of water from a shower.IPX6 or higher is even better with higher protection against the ingress of water.

The best waterproof headphones for swimming will also resist submersion in water since they have higher ingress protection ratings.

There have lots of advantages to using waterproof headphones.You can use it for any sensitive place,where you can't use regular headphones.

Here are 6 advantages of using waterproof headphones below:

     1.Sweat Proof
     Waterproof earbuds are also perspiration resistant.So,you may use them while you go for a run and not need to worry about sweat interfering with the sound quality or operating the cans.

     The most beneficial reason you should own waterproof earbuds is you can listen to music at the pool.Whether you're swimming leisurely or engaging in an intense training session,waterproof earbuds will allow you to follow your favorite music underwater,no matter what the action is.

    You can use them in the rain!You may catch your waterproof iPod paired with waterproof headphones and revel in your favorite music in the shower,without bothering anyone else on your property.

    4.Each Day Use
    A great thing about waterproof earbuds is that you can use them in your everyday life.They can be utilized as regular headphones,around the house,or whenever you walk your puppy.They're multi-functional headphones.

    5.Great For All Seasons
    The rainy season is upon us and that means we need to take extra care of our earbuds.Well,not anymore as the waterproof properties of these earbuds make them resistant to rain.Furthermore,another demographic of people that can benefit from waterproof wireless earbuds are hardcore trainers who don’t mind the rain interfering with their workout.If you’ve ever gone out to work out in the rain with regular headphones,you’ve quickly come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work.You can avoid all rain and water-related problems if you simply choose to use these earbuds.

    6.Better Audio Quality
    A significant benefit of waterproof headphones is the quality of sound.Seeing as they're designed to be used underwater,they have been built to have a tight,crisp sound,so that you can appreciate them in the pool.

    It's also accurate for utilizing them from the lake.Last Longer Waterproof earbuds will continue longer than regular headphones.If you possess a set of regular headphones,you'll probably agree that their shelf life is relatively short.Causing you to run out and buy a new set every month or two.

    However,waterproof headphones are made to endure the harsher situation,so they're built better,therefore,lasting considerably longer.

Technology is changing all the time,even as we speak now.It was not long ago when earbuds only came in wired versions.But nowadays,we have wireless and even waterproof earbuds that make it just that much more convenient for us to use them.Do you want to buy the real waterproof tws earbuds with high quality?Please feel free to browse our web.for TWS earbuds WEB-G003 model,and any more questions,please leave a message or send email to us.We will send you more options.Thanks.

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