How do you customize earphones?

Because of the pressure of market competition,many of our clients want to sell unique wireless earphones to customers to get different views from them and thus get the order. Our suggestion is to discover your own best custom earphone .


How do you customize earphone ?


1- A stable group of customers .

If you want to customize earphone, you need to know where is your market (Retail, e-commerce or promotional gifts),these are determined your sales direction. Customer’s needs are your needs, different customer groups have different requirements for headphones, such as color, packaging, features and color...


2- Market positioning.

Accurate market positioning is the precondition for earphone corporations an edge in the new round competition .for example: According to the characteristics of the Bluetooth headset product positioning; according to the specific use occasion and use of the positioning; according to the interests of the customer positioning; positioning by user type and so on.

3- Design or good ideas of the earphone.

For example: You may like TWS bluetooth earphone or you may like TWS gaming earbuds or TWS sport earphone... If you are in business,a good design earphone is very important .


4- Select the materials used according to the market positioning

Bluetooth solutions and materials determine the price of the earphones. The choice of silicone ear caps is also important, because this material determines the comfort of the earphones and the stability you use in all occasions.

Wellyp is a professional top wireless bluetooth earbuds wholesale distributor, gaming earsets and ANC headphones since 2004. with unparalleled supportive supplychain in electronic industry, we carry out tasks more effectively than those in other parts of China. If you are ready to customize earphones, WELLYP can provide a one-stop service.

Why you can choose WELLYP to customize earphones ?

First, Wellyp sales team responses efficiently to your enquiry from the very beginning. With 15+ business years our staff are much experienced in understanding and satisfying customers’ demands, we share the know-how knowledge in how to develop a real earphone that a client loves ideally. In particular we have been successfully creating various customised brands and ideas with exclusive earphone models over the past 10 years, which has enabled us to understand our potential customers in a profound way.

Secondly, our moulding workshop and assembling factory ensure us better control of moulding accuracy and workmanship. Our engineers edit the virtual parts of earphone templates with 3D Max. Following the layout approval, one of our EDM spark machines for tool, CNC machines, injection moulding machines are ready to create prototypes with real functions as pre-production samples to follow in mass production.


Coming to the next , we send prototype samples to our contracted printing factory to undertake customized color spray and brand/slogan printing. Different printing applies to different printing proccess, or is subject to customers’ demands----namely itching( laser engraving), pad printing, silk-screen printing, offset printing or UV printing optional.

Last but not least, regulated quality inspection and battery/electronics aging-test must be desperately made before packing and shipment. Each piece of the order you receive must have met criteria of certifications executed in your markets.

How do you customize earphones ? We sure that WELLYP will be your best earbuds manufacturers and  good partner in China !

We can offer the OEM/ODM services of our products. The product can be customized according to your personalized requirements, including the brand, label, colors, and packing box. Please offer your design documents or tell us your ideas and our R&D team will do the rest.

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