How to use gaming headset ?

More and more young people like to play online games ,gaming headsets also became very popular. And There are different gaming headsets have been developed these years... How to use gaming headset?

The following is the instruction of how to use gaming headset:

1. Before wearing the gaming headsets, you can look around the case of the headphones first . Generally, the headphones are marked with obvious “L” left and “R” right signs on the ear case on both sides. To wear the headsets in the correct way ,not only you can protect your ears, but also you can enjoy the music and the correct voice channel content in your game .

2. Gaming earbuds with good wrapped earmuffs, so when you wearing the whole ear on the edge of the ear muffs, you can not make the earmuffs pressed on your ears, one reason is uncomfortable, another one is that it will leak sound, affecting the auditory feeling.

3. Please adjust the length of the head beam according to your head size to make the earmuff just buckled on your ears and please don’t put the head beam very close on the scalp, the correct way is putting the head beam gently rests on the head to make it comfortable.

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 4. The sound unit of the headset is generally relatively large and requires a large drive current, so you should choose the sound source input such as a computer or CD machine. If you use a small music player such as MP3, it's best to add a headset power amplifier to achieve the normal effect of the headset.

5. To keep your headphones healthy , please keep your time with headphones on limited to one hour per day and never raise the volume on your listening device over 60% of the maximum.If you listen at really high volume continuously, i am afraid that you are moving towards hearing loss which initially would be high frequency.You might not be able to notice, but later it could become so severe that you might need hearing aids and you might suffer from ringing in the ears as well.Do not put the sound too loud!

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6. The earmuffs of the headphones cover your ears, it will reduce the visual and auditory perception of the surrounding environment. So do not wear headphones when walking or riding on the road (or street), because it is very dangerous if you can not hear the surrounding sound.

Bluetooth gaming headset

If you use a Bluetooth headset, you still need to pair the bluetooth mode before using it

1. Take out the left and right earphones from the charging compartment, the earphones will automatically turn on after a couple seconds.

2. The main earphone(R) will enter the pairing mode (flashing red and blue light).

3. Both earbuds will sync with each other automatically.

4. Enter bluetooth mode on your mobile device,search for “gaming headset” and select.

5. There will be a prompt stating,”Connected”.This means both earphones are connected and synced up to your mobile device.

6. Bluetooth matching method is similar to the same, you can also check the instruction manual of bluetooth gaming headset,normally there are matching step you can find in the user instruction.

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