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As professional gaming headset manufacturers, we have explained a lot on the projects like “what is a gaming headset “, “how to select a gaming headset”, “how to do a gaming headset work “, “how to find a headset wholesale” and so on. We guess that you might have known more about gaming headsets through these articles, so today, we will explain to you how to clean a gaming headset!
You may not think about it much, but your headset is likely one of the dirtiest peripherals you use on a daily basis. Well-taken care of headphones is essential to ensuring you get the best listening experience possible. Most people don’t even really think about cleaning earbuds. They pull them out of their bag and stick them in their ears. But because they go directly inside their ears, it's even more important to ensure they stay clean. Many people rarely clean headphone pads or never clean them at all. This can lead to a lot of problems. Cleaning earbuds isn’t just about extending the life of your earbuds but preventing ear infections in your own ears. Luckily, a gaming headset is not very difficult to clean.

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Why it is so important to know how to clean headphones properly?  

Read through some of the below benefits:

• Save money -Taking care of your headphone pads will keep them in good shape for longer which means you won’t have to replace them as often.

• More comfortable -The better cared for your headphones, the longer they will stay in high-quality condition, meaning you get the same high level of comfort from the beginning to the end.

• More hygienic -Whether full size, over the ear, or earbuds, headphone pads will gather sweat and dirt. Proper cleaning routines will help keep this to a minimum and prevent your headphone pads from becoming smelly, moldy, and dirty.


Items required to clean headphones

 Cleaning and maintaining headsets and headphones is easy, and most of the required tools are household items. You’ll need a couple of microfiber cloths, warm water, soap, a paper towel or tissue, cotton buds, a wooden toothpick, rubbing alcohol, and a toothbrush.


There are over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones in the market. Here are a few guidelines for taking care of such headphones:

How to clean over-ear headphones:

• If possible, remove any parts like detachable cables or earpads.

• Gently wipe away any grime and dirt from the ear cups with a lightly damp cloth while taking care not to damage the velour or PVC.

• Weekly cleanings -If you don’t wear your headphones often, you don’t have to do this every single week. As a rough guideline, do this cleaning after every 7 or so uses.

• Allow the ear cups to air dry.

• Wet a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the ear cups to disinfect them, ensuring the exterior and interior are clean.

• Extend the headphones to their full size and wipe the headband, frame, and cables with a lightly damp cloth to get rid of the dirt.

o Some headphones may require a toothbrush to reach certain areas.

• Wipe the same parts again with a cloth with rubbing alcohol to disinfect them.

• Wait until the headphones are dry before using them.

• Replace headphone pads regularly -Even with proper cleaning and storage, you will need to face the facts and accept when your headphone pads are past their prime. Replacing them is affordable and super easy to do. A fresh pair of headphone pads will make your headphones feel brand new without you having to shell out hundreds to get that brand-new quality feeling!,10000&q=a80&n=0&g=0n&fmt=auto

How to clean in-ear headphones

• Store them in a case -Before we even talk about cleaning, we have to mention that you need to store your earbuds in a case, not just throw them in your bag or shove them in a pocket. This minimizes exposure to bacteria and dirt.

• Remove the ear tips.

• Use a cotton swab to remove any grime or earwax from them.

• Soak the ear tips in warm soapy water for a few minutes.

• Wipe the ear tips with rubbing alcohol to disinfect them.

• Allow them to dry before reattaching them to the headphones.

• Wipe the rest of the headphones, including the cable, remote, and jack with a damp cloth.

• The area around the drivers might require a toothbrush or toothpick to reach the dirt stuck in the corners.

• Wipe all the parts of the headphone again with rubbing alcohol to disinfect them.

• Wait until each part is dry and reattach the ear tips.

• Wash daily -At the end of the day, take 2 minutes to use a soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water to wipe down your earbuds. Never submerge them in water or put them under a running faucet. Too much water will damage them.

Final Tips

No matter what kind of headphones you have, taking proper care of them is going to make sure they last as long as possible. As you can see from the sections above, it’s really not that hard to clean them properly. Following these tips will prevent ear infections and extend the life of your earbuds! So with this minimal effort, you can add years to your headphones while also making sure that they stay hygienic. Should you have other questions just feel free to contact us by email or call us directly!

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