How do I stop a Bluetooth delay?

Sometimes when you make calls,watch YouTube videos,play your favorite competitive games,or stream popular shows when using tws Bluetooth earbuds which might ruin the experience.Nobody likes the slight mismatch between the mouth shape of the speaker’s lips and the sound heard through the china Wireless Headphones.The delay experienced at this time is called Bluetooth delay.

Fortunately,there are a few general solutions you may follow to fix the issue of Bluetooth audio delay whether you use a smartphone or PC.In this article,we will discuss the reasons why Bluetooth audio delay occurs and provide some fixes.

Bluetooth Delay may never go away

Bluetooth technology is developing rapidly and has reached a critical point.Most smartphone manufacturers have removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from their devices because it provides a more comfortable listening solution.Despite these advances,it is worth noting that delay is an issue that cannot be completely eliminated -at least for now.

That’s not to say Bluetooth devices are not incredibly helpful.While they still might not be ready to replace wired headphones,keyboards,and mice in scenairos that demand efficiency,they to make using tech.on a daily basis much more convenient.

What causes Bluetooth Delay?

The common reasons for Bluetooth delay are listed below:

1.The headphone is out of signal range –Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum signal range of 10m (33ft)and exceeding this range can cause connection issues and even cut off the connection completely.

The solution is to stay within this range from the source device or purchase a headphone that supports an extended range of about 100 ft.

2.There is signal interference –Using your Bluetooth headphone in a room with other gadgets such as smart TVs,smart bulbs,laptops,etc.that connect via Bluetooth can cause signal interference as both technologies occupy the 2.4-2.5 GHz wavelength spectrum.

3.You are not using a compatible Bluetooth headphone –Although Bluetooth technology is backward compatible with the previous generation,it is still not a good idea to connect cross-generation devices as the previous version wouldn’t support the latest improvements.

The solution is to use a headphone and a source device that supports that latest Bluetooth version 5.0

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4.The Bluetooth headphone is not paired properly –The pairing process of Bluetooth headphone can vary from device to device and can be quite tricky.Moreover,when you pair more than seven devices to a source device,the device that was paired the first can get unpaired and you would have to re-pair it.

There are a few ways you can reduce Bluetooth latency.

 1. Stay within Range of Bluetooth Device

Since it is known that the distance between the source device and the receiving device will affect the performance of Bluetooth. The first step in reducing Bluetooth latency should be to ensure that the two devices are close to each other and that there is not too much physical blocking between them.

 For instance, Bluetooth 4 has a range of just over 300 feet in open spaces and the outdoors. But the latest version Bluetooth 5, has more than double the range with 800 feet semi-open spaces and up to 1000 feet in open areas. Here you might have a know on our tws earbuds … which comes with the latest Bluetooth version.

 2. Disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth devices

Sometimes the reason for the Bluetooth latency is the connection error. the device is not properly connected when pairing. Many Bluetooth devices also experience delays when they remain connected for a long time. In this case, simply disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth device to solve the problem. If disconnecting and reconnecting is not helpful to solve the Bluetooth Latency, you can try to cancel pairing the device and then repair it.

For example, on windows 10, you can click on Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth, then toggle the Bluetooth option off and wait for a few seconds before tuning it back on.

 3. Use different codecs

As mentioned above, it is important to match the codec of the source device and the Bluetooth device. Otherwise, the setting will revert to the oldest Bluetooth codec, which might cause the Latency. Although most modern operating systems are smart enough to choose the appropriate codec, there are ways to force devices to use a specific codec for a specific device. Although Apple does not allow you to manually select a codec, you can do so on Android. On Android smart phones, enable the developer option in settings, and then select the appropriate option under Bluetooth audio codec settings. To check the codec type supported by the Bluetooth headset, you can review the specification page of the device.

4.  Turn off the power saving mode

   in order to extend the battery life of devices, battery saving options are usually used on smartphones and other computing devices. However, using these options may increase audio latency because these power saving modes typically reduce the processing power of the device. To ensure minimal delay, turn off the power saving mode of the device before connecting to the Bluetooth headset.

5. Try to use a Bluetooth 5.0 or up devices

Bluetooth 5.0 is not new. However, it has not been switched to all devices using Bluetooth 5.0. One of the reasons why Bluetooth 5.0 (or above) devices are recommended is that the latest Bluetooth introduces a new technology called audio video synchronization (or a/v synchronization) to minimize audio delay. This technology allows the smartphone (or the device watching the video) to estimate the set delay and add the delay to the video playing on the screen. In this way, it may not eliminate the delay, but it can ensure the video and audio alignment.

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